Thursday, March 14, 2019

St. Patrick's Day fun and Rainbows!

We had a fantastic week learning about rainbows and celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  The weather was beautiful too!  We got to play outside everyday!  Take a look at some of the fun we had!

We graphed our Lucky Charm snack!

The weather was beautiful.  So grateful for the fresh air!

This week we learned about the letter "Y".
"Y" is for yoga!

We worked on fine motor skills and made rainbow bracelets.

We made some beautiful artwork for the hallway.
Check it out next time you are at school!

"Y" is for Yellow!

"Y" is for yoyo.

"Y" is for yarn.

We worked on writing our numbers from 1-20.

We read our color words to color the rainbow.

Wednesday, we had lots of science fun to celebrate St. Patrick's day!

We made Leprechaun slime.

We enjoyed making Leprechaun sand.

We made the colors of a rainbow using the three primary colors and paper towels.

We learned about capillary action!  This experiment showed us how plants can get water up through the roots into the leaves and rest of the plant.

This is our end results!

We talked about Noah and how God gave us a rainbow as a promise to never flood the earth again!

We made a rainbow using water, a mirror, and light!

We made yoyo's for letter "Y".

We worked on ordering objects by size.

We also got to celebrate two birthdays this week!

Happy Birthday sweet girls!

May you have a fun and safe Spring Break!!!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Ocean week

We had a fantastic week exploring ocean life! Check out all the fun we had!

 We enjoyed practicing our gross motor skills with bean bag fun!

We practiced team work.

We worked on fine motor skills by dotting octopus legs.

We painted shells.

We love exploring in the sensory bin!

These sweet boys are so much fun!

We had a puzzle challenge!

We painted beautiful fish.

We are continuing to work on our handwriting.

We painted beautiful ocean scenes!

We can make sentences and read them!

We worked on addition and counting to #20

It wouldn't be ocean week if we didn't sing the "Baby Shark" song!

We learned all about the letter Z!

We made zebras for letter Z.

More addition practice!

These creative kids couldn't wait to draw their favorite ocean creatures!

May God bless you and your family!!!