Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Traditions

We had a wonderful week celebrating Christmas traditions.  We also learned about the letter "J" and worked on foundations of 10.  We worked really hard on getting ready for our Christmas program.  The kids did so great and I'm so proud of all their hard work!  Take a look at some of the fun we had!

Our elf brought us beads to make candy cane ornaments!

We celebrated St. Nickolas Day.  Before we went into the Green Room to do yoga, we took off one shoe, in hopes that St. Nickolas would leave us some small gifts.  When we got back, look what we found!

We also had a visit from Santa Claus!

On Tuesday our Elf decided to play in fake snow.

He wanted us to play too!

On Wednesday, he left us Christmas Puzzles to put together!

We love reading!

"J" is for baby Jesus!

We enjoyed getting creative with stamps and stickers!

We made Christmas wreaths to hang in our classroom!

So many letter "J" things!

Getting ready for Christmas Program!

Show time!

Thanks again for supporting Blessings in a Backpack!  So grateful for our LAP family!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Grandparents Day and Polar Express Day

We had a wonderful week celebrating some of the very special people in our lives and takin a ride on the Polar Express!  We enjoyed painting ornaments, singing, reading, and enjoying a snack with our Grandparents.  We had so much fun drinking hot chocolate on our pretend train and receiving some special surprises!  Take a look at all the fun we had!

We love play-doh! It strengthens our fingers and our imaginations!

Building and puzzles are a great way for us to practice problem solving skills!

Using shapes to make holiday creations!

Yoga in the Minds in Motion room.

We worked on letter "D" this week!

We made Name Trains!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Number writing practice.

Letter sound practice!

Ornament painting with our special people!

Picture Time

We loved teaching our Grandparents all about Kinder Prep!

Letter "D" Show and Share

"D" is for Daddy!

Lots of Dogs!

Lots of dinosaurs!

"D" is for dish, dragon, and Darth Vader.

Rocking our onesies!

"D" is for doughnut.

Riding on the Polar Express!

We believe!!!

Santa sent us a special surprise on our train ride!

Our very own class elf!!!

May God bless you and your family this weekend and always!